Directions to download and install MLAB for OS9, OS8, etc. Mac's

Downloadable trial versions of MLAB are available for PowerPC and Motorola 68K Macintoshes. The PowerPC version is 1316545 bytes, and the 68K version is 1264713 bytes. Either one should take a minute or two to download.

(You may want to print this web-page now.)

The trial version of MLAB you will obtain is the complete program with an expiration date. On-line help is available (by typing "help" in MLAB), and you may order the the MLAB manuals and have them shipped to you by mail (see the offer in the README file appearing in the "MLAB f" folder, or on the Order Form page. You may also download the manuals in PDF format from the Manuals page.

When you click below to download the desired trial version of Macintosh MLAB, a Binhex formatted file called MLAB.sea.Hqx(for a PowerPC Mac) or MLABm.sea.Hqx (for a 68K Mac) will be downloaded to your computer. The name and location of this file on your computer may vary according to the behavior of your browser and options you select. Sometimes your browser may incorrectly "display" the file, instead of asking where to download the file onto your disk. In this case, right-click on the file-download option and choose the "save link target as" option.

Your browser may decode and expand the MLAB file automatically but if it does not, then you must follow the directions below to install MLAB. These directions, plus other information will be found in the README file within MLAB.sea or MLABm.sea.

1. First you must convert the file you downloaded from Binhex format back into the Stuffit self-extracting file formatt. To do this conversion, run the program Binhex4. When running Binhex4, you should select "download application" in the file menu without Text filter or addition of linefeeds. Then specify the .Hqx file you downloaded as the file to be converted, and specify the output file name to be MLAB.sea (or MLABm.sea). This output file is a Stuffit self-extracting file containing the MLAB files in compressed form. If your browser ran Binhex4 and left you with the file MLAB.sea (or MLABm.sea), then you should skip this step and proceed to step 2.

2. Next you must uncompress the packed files in MLAB.sea (or MLABm.sea, if youdownloaded the 68K Macintosh version) by running it (the first part of the file MLAB.sea (or MLABm.sea) is the Stuffit uncompression and extraction program.) You do this by double-clicking on the .sea file. After this step, you will have a folder called "MLAB f"(for a PowerPC Macintosh) or "MLAB.f"(for a 68K Macintosh) appearing on your computer's desktop.

3. You may now run MLAB by first opening the "MLAB f" (or "MLAB.f") folder and then double-clicking on the icon representing the MLAB executable file (namely "MLAB" or "MLAB.")

Please print the file called "README.M" (or "README.M.") in the "MLAB f" folder (or the "MLAB.f" folder) after it is created.

Now, click HERE to download MLAB for a PowerPC Macintosh.

Or click HERE to download MLAB for a Motorola-68K Macintosh.

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