Directions to download, install, and run the trial copy of OSX PPC-native MLAB

This downloadable MLAB is a OSX PowerPC-native trial version of MLAB (for G4s,G5s,iMacs,etc.). This file is called and it is 958141 bytes in size. It should take a minute or two to download

(You may want to print this web-page now.)

The trial version of MLAB you will obtain is the complete program with an expiration date. On-line help is available (by typing "help" in MLAB), and you may order the three MLAB manuals and have them shipped to you by mail (see the Order Form page. You may also download the manuals in PDF format from the Manuals page.

When you click below to download the trial version of OSX-native Macintosh MLAB, a Macintosh archive file called will be downloaded to your computer. The location of this file on your computer is the desktop, which is actually the directory /Users/[your user name]/Desktop. If your browser does not place the file in this Desktop directory (i.e. "on the desktop") then you should manually place it there.

Now follow the directions below to install MLAB

If you have set your browser preferences to automatically "open" downloaded files, then the downloaded file is automatically "unpacked" and a directory called MLAB is created in the Desktop directory. Otherwise, double click the icon on your Desktop. This will run the BOMarchivehelper program to unpack the file into a directory called MLAB on your Desktop.

You can discard the file after the MLAB directory is present.

To run MLAB, double click on the MLAB directory icon on your desktop. The contents of this directory will be displayed. Now, double click on the MLAB executable file to run MLAB. (Later you may want to create an "alias" for MLAB on your "desktop".

Before you run MLAB, it is important(!) that you print out the file README.XM found in the MLAB directory on your desktop. README.XM contains these directions plus other important information on using MLAB.

Now, click HERE to download MLAB for an OSX PPC-Macintosh.